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About Me

Hello, I am Susanne Loeser, drummer, author & web developer based in Germany.
My passion for music led me to the drums. Both, years of practising,
playing in bands and teaching emboss my passion for details, working
in teams and my curiosity for technologie and new technology.
All these let me to coding.

Single Views


Video of a Drumsolo Performance at The Int. Drummermeeting Salzgitter / Germany.
Also you have the possibility to download the complete Drum Transcription.

Homepage of Alfred Pubishing
Educational Books

'World Of Rhythm'is the first book, where young students can play together in a drum/percussion group. The necessary equipment for playing these tracks is specialized for Music Schools in general.
Also the students have the possibility to practise alone since every tune has a 'Play-Along' Track.

Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials

Here i´m combining a small Animation, done with Unreal Engine and AI-text-to-speech, as opening credits to explain the following instruction session.

Metahuman Animated
Animated Metahuman

A Short Metahuman Animation Demo, done with AI-text-to-speech and Unreal Engine 5. I also show an overview in the Unreal Engine on how you can animate the single parts of the face. Every step is done by hand, no "Live-Link" was involved.

Metahuman Animation
Laravel 10 Bistro Cappuccino

Here you have an overview of a restaurant application, inluding Laravel 10, Bootstrap, Middleware Protection and Date & Time Validation as well as different relationships.

Code Languages
Languages (html,css,php)

A demo of a blog (CRUD-Example) with Laravel 9 and Bootstrap Framework.

Frameworks (Laravel, Bootstrap)

This was my project when i did the retraining and Bootcamp to become a certified web developer at 'Web Masters Europe'.

Unreal Engine 5
Unreal Engine 5

The Homepage of Unreal Engine 5

AI Text To Speech Homepage

A free to use AI-Generator "Ai-text-to-speech".